There’s been a slip in our quality control

0719_trump_evangelicals_cog-1000x667A new PRRI/Brookings poll says that white evangelicals are more willing to overlook immoral acts than they have been in the past. In 2011, just 30 percent of white evangelicals said that an elected official who commits an immoral act in his/her personal life can “still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.”

This season? It’s 72 percent.

Any guesses on why the shift? I have a theory, but it doesn’t go much deeper than “they’re ignorant.”

And thanks, Jac, for the link.


One response to “There’s been a slip in our quality control

  1. White Evangelical Christians are just admitting to themselves what everybody else, including the nones apparently, has known for a good long time: the standards of what constitutes integrity in public life no longer includes morality.

    It didn’t begin with Trump.
    Judge not lest ye be judged Democrats.

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