Why haters hate

kierkegaardKierkegaard has an explanation for bullies and trolls, and he had it in 1847.


One response to “Why haters hate

  1. Kierkegaard was a complicated fellow. A fairly decent overview of his life and work can be found at Wikipedia.

    Back when I studied his work, when dinosaurs roamed the halls of academia and their charges were actually encouraged in the humanities and philosophy, there was a good deal of discussion on whether Kierkegaard was actually a philosopher or just a celebrity…a rock star…whose social status allowed him to develop his talents and exploit them largely free of the kind of consequences that, by necessity, were intrinsic to the development of personal choice and commitment in the real world at the time.

    Regardless…Kierkegaard’s observations and insights had a great deal of influence on existentialist philosophy and liberal thought.

    Why haters hate, it seems to me, isn’t really very complicated. Trolls and bullies hate because it allows them to feel better about themselves. (the Catspeak Clarification.) And…of course…because we allow it.

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