Oh, hell, no.

downloadYears ago, the California National Guard paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in roughly 10,000 enlistment bonuses that the Pentagon now wants repaid by the soldiers who received them.

The bonuses start at about $15,000, and date back to the early 2000s.

Unfortunately, that money is, for the most part, long spent and now those soldiers who risked their lives in combat are being asked to come up with sizable cash.

Me? I’d say wipe it off the books. Some of that is my tax money and I’m happy to take a hit, though I want to know who was asleep at the switch when this happened and I want them held accountable.

Those soldiers signed up in good faith, then went to war and came home and put down payments on houses, on cars. Basically:


You can read more here or here. Lawmakers aren’t happy but whether that will mean we’ll leave those veterans alone is another thing entirely.

And thanks, Leftover, for sending the links.

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  1. This is criminal in my book. If California made the mistake, California should eat the consequences, not veterans who acted in good faith and relied upon the State to perform in accordance with the law.

  2. That’s a lousy thing to do. Their error, they should pay (what leftover said). But, yeah, this is taxpayer money. This mistake shouldn’t happen again.

    1. There is no way in heaven or hell these soldiers should be responsible for their commanding officers’ mistakes. No way.

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