No, really. Where are the Republican email leaks?

2df4c40300000578-3296819-image-a-9_1446245424792Reading all of Hillary Clinton’s leaked campaign emails is fascinating. You get to see the inner workings and read people as they probably really are in real-life, when the rest of us also-rans aren’t watching them in public.

But I have to ask: Why do we not have a similar data dump of Republican emails? I mean, wouldn’t that be fair?

Here’s one attempt to explore that.


2 responses to “No, really. Where are the Republican email leaks?

  1. Good question! The GOP and Trump express no concern. That seems off if you ask me, as if they know they don’t need to be concerned.

    Also, the general assumption is these are actual emails as is, and haven’t been altered. We don’t really know. Why is that?

    • No claim of alteration or falsification has ever been made, as far as I know. Podesta hasn’t challenged the accuracy of the leaked emails attributed to his office. The Clintons haven’t challenged the latest Wikileaks dump about how she and Wild Bill profited from corporate person support after leaving the White House (Bill Clinton Inc).

      In fact, Hillary’s only response on Wednesday was, “You know, I love having the support of real billionaires.” The Donald not being a real billionaire and all. And she should know.

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