Meanwhile, at Susan B. Anthony’s grave…


Earlier this year, people voting in New York’s primary affixed their “I voted!” stickers to her tombstone.

Here in Hartford, I want to do the same come Tuesday, on Isabella Beecher Hooker‘s grave at the historic Cedar Hill Cemetery — though the logistics of voting, driving 45 minutes up to Hartford, affixing the sticker, and driving back in time for my first class may make this impossible.

Isabella, too, wanted a woman president. (She particularly wanted that woman president to be herself, which is part of what makes her so delicious.) She, too, worked tirelessly in Connecticut and beyond to make sure women got the right to vote, but sadly, as with Susan B. Anthony (and her partner-in-arms Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Isabella died before the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920. So I hope they’re somewhere sharing something cordial out of a girlie glass, hoisting it high over their heads and seeing what God (and an army of dedicated activists) hath wrought.

So this vote’s for you, Isabella. And I’m thrilled to cast it.


4 responses to “Meanwhile, at Susan B. Anthony’s grave…

  1. Here, here! To Isabelle! And, to the rest of us who will enjoy seeing that glass ceiling shatter!

  2. Should we be giving this little adventure away? Will it be considered vandalism?

    • I’m thinking of pouring a bottle of something bubbly over her grave. That means I have to get up very early to vote — which means it will be a long day but TOTALLY WORTH IT.

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