Nerds over bullies, every single time

So last night, Slate posted this story, a story that — though long — looks like the smattering of a Trump scandal, or worse. So was a Trump computer server corresponding with Russia?

This morning, the New York Times said that in investigating Trump, the FBI had as yet found “no clear link to Russia.” The investigation — as with the recent trove of emails from Carlos Danger (whom everyone hates right now) —  is continuing, though the FBI has made no public statements as to what they’re looking at, or what they’ve found so far. Unlike the troves of emails connected to Hillary Clinton, the FBI hasn’t announced they’re investigating a potential link between Trump and Russia.

The Anthony Weiner emails were discovered weeks ago. James Comey, FBI director, announced it last Friday, 11 days before the election.

Curiouser and curiouser. From this, we see that the investigation into the recent Weiner emails won’t finish before the election. Make of that what you will.

The weird thing is, if you’ve been paying even a little bit of attention, this was bound to happen. Any time the Trump campaign has accused any one of — well, anything — it has turned around to backfire on them.  (Think sexual improprieties (at best), and complaints about the candidates’ respective foundations.) We have a scriptural reference for Mr. Trump. It’s found in Matthew 7:3:

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

Of course, that could be called a false equivalency. Just because computers are involved in both circumstances does not mean the miscues — intentional or no — are the same. But check out this activity chart between a Russian server and a Trump account. Activity increased when election activity increased.


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  1. One question I have that never seems to be asked in all the Clinton email controversy is: Why would anyone save thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of emails? Especially in these times. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Another question I have after reading the Slate story: Does all this activity Slate monitored constitute any illegal activity? Is Trump or any of his minion breaking the law? What’s the point?

    Does this tell us anything we don’t know about Trump? He’s a liar. He’s corrupt. His primary motivation is self-inetrest. I’ve just described 90% of the politicians already in government.

    What’s the point? The whole Red Scare thing is getting a little old.

    1. I think the hypocrisy of the man is what drives me to dislike him so much. He accuses people of things he’s done years ago and continues to do. His ties with Russia — not just the business ones — are newsworthy because he’s talked about Putin in such glowing terms — Putin! — and if he IS totally driven by self-interest, it would be a new precedent to be able to draw a thick line between his business dealings and what he plans for future relationships with the country. This man boggles all logic. Yes, we know he’s a liar, and yes, this may be nothing, but if we can talk about emails long past that so far have proven to be fairly mundane, we can talk about this.

      1. I don’t understand what is so existentially evil about Putin. What makes him more evil than any number of foreign leaders/countries that we get into bed with every day? Like Salman/Saudi Arabia? You think he isn’t trying to influence the American election? What about Israel? You think Bibi isn’t trying to influence the election?

        Is it really so unusual that Trump…a businessman…would use his business relationship with Russia/Putin to forge a political relationship? Isn’t business relationships at the heart of all our political relationships with friends and allies?

        Why is Trump’s ties to Russia any different than the Clinton family ties to other foreign governments…Saudi Arabia for example…and who knows how many more. (We don’t because its a secret!)

        1. It’s not, but if Trump is going to lambast the Clinton Foundation for its connections to countries like Saudi Arabia, then he must be prepared to answer questions about his ties to Putin.

          1. And if Clinton lambasts Trump for being a Putin puppet? Is Clinton prepared to be as transparent in her business dealings as everybody is demanding of Trump and Putin? I doubt it.

            And I still don’t get why Putin is the existential evil in all this.

            My point is that all this tit-for-tat scandal mongering is getting to be a problem…not to mention just downright disgusting. It undermines what little confidence Americans have left about their electoral process…and the media. If scandal mongering is the only tool left to inspire people to vote? It’s no wonder the two candidates we have to choose between are the most reviled in recent history.

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