Chances are you know a victim of gun violence

gun-violenceAnalysis in Preventive Medicine says

Almost every single American—99.85%—will know at least one victim of gun violence during his or her lifetime, a recent analysis in the journal Preventive Medicine estimates.

Stunning, isn’t it?


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  1. Stunning?
    Not really. It’s conjecture. Conclusions and propositions based on assumptions and a limited amount of data.

    I don’t see much value “in an effort to inform the national conversation on gun violence” that is deliberately framed to create an emotional response instead of a rational response. (The emotional response tactic, looking at the public opinion data graphed here, has failed to sway public opinion toward limiting gun rights. In fact, it appears to have had just the opposite effect.) I also don’t see much value in such an effort that offers absolutely no solutions to the public health crisis created by the proliferation of uniquely dangerous firearms.

    The fear mongering just isn’t working.

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