Hillary Clinton is a woman

rs_560x415-150410093046-1024-hillary-clinton-pansuit-ls-41015_copyIn case that’s floated right past you, the Democratic candidate for president is a woman.

I know, right? Who cares? Besides: Early on, she wasn’t even my candidate, but old age has rendered me pragmatic, and now she is. She, of the two candidates with the greater likelihood of winning the race, most closely aligns with my vision for my country.

It may not be your vision. So be it. I’m not here to try to convince you.

Early on in each of Clinton’s campaigns, there were statements (that special place in hell thing) made by her supporters that questioned the feminist bonafides of any one who doesn’t support the female candidate. While I understand — a little — where that sentiment comes from, I do not support it, nor do I support a candidate based on her gender.

See what I did there?

But as this godforsaken campaign has wheezed itself into multiple corners, died, and then risen again like a zombie, I find myself entertaining the notion that in my lifetime  we just may have a woman president who has survived the most bruising campaign imaginable, and stayed standing — a woman, like me — well, not exactly like me, but you get where I’m going, don’t you?

Only in the last few days have I started thinking about what that means, at least for me. In my lifetime, women were often excluded from jury duty because she was needed at home. The Equal Pay Act was passed when I was 4. We still have a gender pay gap. When I was small, members of my gender could not get a bank loan or own a credit card.

So just for a moment, just for today, I’m going to allow myself to feel a little bit hopeful. I know. Silly, right? But I’m starting to feel it.

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  1. You might be interested in this from Todd Gitlin at Moyers.

    Understandably transfixed by the spectacle of the vicious, bigoted demagogue sniffing around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, journalists missed another story: the reaction to the immense, unprecedented and culture-disrupting fact that a woman is poised to become president of the United States.

    A woman! Imagine! A woman stands at the threshold of the men’s room!! And the protectors of that room are throwing up every bit of available debris to derail her.

      1. I’m not convinced about the “too blind or timorous” thing, because independence and objectivity went out the media’s window long before Clinton decided to run for President. But I do think they mishandled the glass ceiling aspect of her candidacy.

        1. So far, yes. I think some of us (I include myself) are so anxious not to appear to be sexist that we’ve not reported on this. No one should be elected because of her/his gender, or denied opportunity for same. But yeah.

          1. If Clinton gets elected, we’ll all be reading that we’ve miraculously become a “post-sexist” country. Until we discover that’s bullshit. Just like what happened with “post-racist” when Obama got elected. Something tells me that the same reluctance to risk being labelled by racialist critics that marked Obama’s tenure will likewise inform a Clinton 2.0 Presidency. And the result will be the same. And somehow, through some twisted and perverted neoliberal centrist logic, we’ll wind up calling it “progress.”

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