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statue-of-liberty-crying-628x356Leftover sends this, a Politico piece about some racists (“white nationalists” is just too, too kind) who seek to suppress the African American vote on Tuesday. From the story:

Energized by Trump’s candidacy and alarmed by his warnings of a “rigged election,” white nationalist, alt-right and militia movement groups are planning to come out in full force on Tuesday, creating the potential for conflict at the close of an already turbulent campaign season.

No, no, no, no, no. Brothers and sisters, this cannot be. Any intimidation at the polls must be met with strict protection of this sacred right. Me? I’ve offered to poll watch. I’ve done it before for the League of Women Voters in Connecticut and I’m happy to do it again. How might you help?

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  1. “White nationalist” isn’t necessarily kinder, it’s just more accurate. It describes an evolution of racism from the radical fringes to the mainstream political ideology it is today. (Eli Saslow touches on that evolution in his profile of Derek Black.)

    “The way ahead is through politics,” [Derek] said. “We can infiltrate. We can take the country back.”

    Sound Familiar? It should. White nationalist rhetoric has been incorporated into mainstream conservatism…the GOP. It is most clearly evident in the rhetoric of the GOP candidate for President, who may lack the sophistication and style of his GOP cohorts, but represents, in every way, every day, the substance of the White Nationalist/Republican Party coalition.

    Racism isn’t racism anymore. It’s racial realism. And it’s not wrong anymore. It’s just another alternative. Thanks to the GOP, and a misguided notion of absolute tolerance, White nationalist inspired proto-fascism is knocking on the door of The White House. (It’s already found a home in Congress.)

    And yet…people still fear Socialism like the plague.

    Capitalism…….what a concept.

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