I leave it to you to figure out your Thanksgiving shopping schedule

hqdefaultBut stalwart JC Penney has announced they’ll open on the actual day — Thanksgiving — joining a list of other companies that intend to unleash the hounds of consumerism before the turkey gets digested.

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  1. Of course we all need to rush to JC Penney at 3:00 on Thanksgiving Day. This is shameful.

  2. Are the workers at least getting extra pay for working on a holiday? I hope so. Are they working that day because they want to (to make a higher hourly wage) or because they are required to (if you don’t work we will fire you)? I realize you don’t know. I’m just thinking out loud.

  3. I worked every Thanksgiving and Christmas in the eighties and early nineties because I was in an essential health care job. It wasn’t always easy but my co-workers and I made the most out of it because we knew it was necessary and important to make the day a good one for the folks we cared for. If I was the worker unlocking the door at Penney’s on Thanksgiving I’d likely be thinking WTF.

    1. And I get that this is not necessarily a hardship for some, but my sense of the lives of people who work in these stores is that a significant number of them would prefer to be home, with family. But they need the money. So damn. (I’ve never been an essential anything. You? Rock.)

      1. If it comes down to them being forced to come to work or lose their jobs, that’s really rotten. As Paul suggested, this isn’t necessary work that must take place on that day.

        Yeah, healthcare workers, for one, usually have to work at least 2 major holiday shifts a year. Most would rather not be there on those days, but they must.

  4. Here’s the video connected to the graphic. It took me a while, but I recognized Brad Pitt and had to search it out. That’s Mireille Enos with him. It’s made with World War Z clips. (If you haven’t seen World War Z…don’t worry…you’re not missing much but body count.)

    1. I love the fact that you traced this back. I knew it was from…some…movie with Brad Pitt that I hadn’t seen.

      1. It was an easy search. The title took me right to the video. I recognized the movie because some movies are so bad they’re impossible to forget.

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