Are you sick, and heavy laden?

I am well into the Christian scriptures in my push to read the entire Bible in a year. This week, I’m finishing up with The Gospels, and as much as I’ve already read the verses — multiple times, and memorized vast portions of them — the words have a new meaning because I’ve spent time with the Hebrew scriptures. I now understand more of the references from Jesus, and am even more intrigued at people’s inability to believe the signs he and his followers showed them.

The fact that I am so steeped (by virtue of my fundamentalist youth) in Angry God makes the song above — which came over my Pandora feed recently — all that much more delicious. Beyond my own hatefulness, this is still a great song.

This is Election Eve. I hope you’re spending it fruitfully.


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  1. I don’t know…..
    Define “fruitfully.” Only because people like Tom Brokaw describe the mood of the country as “tribal warfare.” (He and Newt Gingrich actually agreed on that.) Should I be checking my powder or painting peace signs on placards…or wherever?

    Today is the 99th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, (Gregorian calendar-wise). Speaking of October Surprises. Something to ponder. Also, on this day in 1972, criminal conspirator Richard Nixon was reelected in a low turnout landslide. (George who?) Speaking of Dirty Tricks. Something else to ponder.

    I think, now that I’ve repaired my Netflix connection, I just may binge on some Luke Cage or Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. After I catch up on Westworld. Now that Trump’s been grounded, (no Twitter), I’m feeling the effect of a showhole event horizon. I need a little drama…or magic…or both. Watching Democrats sweat just doesn’t do it for me. Unless it’s Bill Maher. And one can only take so much of that.

    More coffee.

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