Will we come back together on Nov. 9?

downloadSome churches are trying to reconcile their broken members, left broken by the election season.


2 responses to “Will we come back together on Nov. 9?

  1. “Our religious convictions give us the picture of what it is we hope to achieve and see in the world.”

    Maybe that’s why the largest religious group in the country is The Nones. Think about that, Pastor.

  2. With Trump, things are way beyond a political divide. He has crossed an ethical line over and over with his treatment of people. If anything, Christian churches need to really look at what we as Christians support. And I go back to what Jesus said about the Greatest two commandments (Mark 12:28-31). When a person like Trump exemplifies the opposite of “love your neighbor as yourself”, and there are people who are cheering that on, how do we reconcile? How is it that Christians can say that’s ok? It’s hard to imagine reconciliation is possible without repentance. (We know Trump doesn’t repent.)

    In our own lives and in our families, I don’t know what we do. On the one hand, it seems black & white (wrong and right). On the other hand, it seems we must exist in a very gray area.

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