So here’s what we do:

We mourn, but then we organize.

  1. Write a pithy, 250-word letter to your local newspaper. Have trouble writing? Send me your best work, slcampbell417@gmail, and I’ll help. Let the newspapers of the nation know what you expect from Capt. Deplorable.
  2. Join Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Catholics for Choice, or (one of my personal favorites) League of Women Voters, the folks who brought you the vote (if you’re a girl).
  3. Reject the dystopian view of the future, and embrace the light. Let your words — written and spoken — point toward solutions and not hate.
  4. Feel free to send more ideas. I’m happy to spread them around.

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  1. Trump and the GOP have their mandate. Why should they pay any attention to the opposition now? The only hope we have, while strategizing for change, is in obstruction and organizedradical dissent. For the next four years…at least.

      1. Can we count on The Democratic Party,(and those bourgeois reformists cleaving to it), to do something other than roll over to get its belly scratched by deep pockets?

        I don’t think so. Science and current events suggest we cannot. The opposition must organize and mobilize. The Democratic Party isn’t going to do that. It’s incapable of doing that. It’s going to take years of committed effort from a unified social democratic Left to reemerge into the political sphere. If it is at all possible. Which, looking at those exit poll numbers, looks doubtful.

        Young people trust the markets to govern their lives more than their government, their politicians, their media, or even their preachers. It’s going to take more than The Democratic Party to turn that around.

        1. I’m not talking about political parties. I’m only nominally a member of one because I’m darn nostalgic for the days when parties did something. Maybe that day never existed. I’m done.

          1. A Party is necessary for organizational purposes. Without a vibrant organization…without structure…mobilization is impossible.

            In America it must start with Labor. It’s already started, really. It just needs to be fostered.

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