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  1. This doesn’t worry me so much.
    The EPA is essentially impotent now. Dismantling it won’t mean much change other than putting a bunch of useless bureaucrats out of a job.

    The Democratic Party hasn’t done anything for environmental protection for decades. Obama himself has championed offshore drilling, fracking, and is, apparently, powerless or unwilling to do anything to protect the cultural heritage…not to mention the water…and the land…of the Standing Rock Sioux against corporate greed. So I doubt you’ll see anything more than token resistance and more empty rhetoric from the Democratic Party.

  2. Not true, Leftover. EPA oversees and FUNDS all of the States that have delegated authority to run the environmental protection laws in their state. The Obama administration has implemented a LOT of programs via the States and promulgated comprehensive regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Google the Clean Power Rule.
    FYI: EPA has ZERO authority over oil and gas extraction and transport. You can thank the 2005 Energy Policy Act developed by Dick Cheney to directly benefit Halliburton Corporation. For HIM you can thank leftists and progressives who FAILED to vote in 2000 and again in 2004.

    Susan, I do quibble with the term “climate skeptic”. He isn’t skeptical. He is a SCIENCE DENIER as much as the young-earth creationists are. The physics of carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas has been known for more than 150 years. Pretending like the teratons of CO2 that humans emit into the atmosphere every year by oxidizing carbon fuel isn’t causing global warming is just as idiotic as claiming that evolution does not occur by natural selection of genetic mutations. He’s not skeptical of science. He’s a denier of scientific knowledge.

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