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  1. If we’re lucky, it will be no worse than what Obama describes, now that the election is over, passing the baton from one bullshit artist to another in a relay race of unprincipled opportunists that never ends.

    I just don’t think we’re going to be so lucky.

    1. I love you, despite your calling my President a bullshit artist. We disagree on this. He is not my savior, but he has been my favorite president of my adult years. Maybe the system is so that even the best of humans (men and women) can’t be “good.” More coffee!

      1. If you look closely, I called him an unprincipled opportunist as well.

        I love you, too. And I respect you. Which is why I’m going to avoid the opportunity to tick off all the bullshit Obama has foisted upon the electorate over the last eight years. (Or just in the last few weeks.)
        Because Obama isn’t the problem.

        But I will remind you it’s your President that commands us to “root” for Trump’s success now that Trump is magically transformed from “temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief”, a menace to the Republic, a threat to democratic rights, and a danger to mankind if given the keys to the Nuclear Arsenal, into a patriot. President Obama’s attacks on Trump during the campaign are unprecedented in recent history. But now? All that means nothing? That’s some high end bullshit.

        The fact that Obama points out he and Trump are both part of the same team defending the privilege, profits and strategic world position of corporate America, (at the expense of the working class), doesn’t make me want to snuggle up to The Donald. We should give him a chance? Really?

        1. We agree on this. I’m having a hard time participating in conversations about healing and reconciliation. I understand the desire to, but I’m inclined to think the Democrats should be every bit as obstructionist as have been the Republicans. I know this will continue our dangerous stasis, but I’m pout-y like that.

          1. Obstruction at every turn…in the legislatures…in the Congress…through the courts…and on the streets (STRIKE!)…to anything and everything with Republican Party fingerprints on it must be part of our response to a White Nationalist Presidency. No picking and choosing, like what Sanders proposes/promises/whatever.

            No accommodation. None.

        1. I believe they’re good people. And I think they did their best for their benefactors. Unfortunately…that’s not us.

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