Do not give up on politics

international_day_of_democracyJoshua Rothman, writing for The New Yorker, on Charles Taylor, the Canadian philosopher, includes this beautiful line:

“Democracy is teleological,” Taylor said. “It’s a collective effort with a noble goal: inclusion.”

He also said (Taylor, not Rothman) that democracy is a “fiction that we’re trying to realize.” The piece also included this:

“Try to listen; find out what’s troubling them; stop condemning.”

I’m not there yet.

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  1. Trump is a bully. Some people bully, some people cheer on bullies, some people turn away and allow bullying, and some people stand up to the bullies and try to stop the bullying. 3 of 4 of those groups are contributors to bullying. Unless someone condemns the bullying and the bully, they are party to it. For that, I condemn them. I will listen, but also condemn. There needs to be 2-way listening.

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