Your friends/family did this. Now what?

124So Derrick Lemos wrote this, and it’s food for thought. I have beloved family members who have said they were able to overlook the racist/misogynistic stuff from the Republican candidate and vote for Donald Trump because they believe he will be good for business.

I don’t know how you make that distinction. I sure couldn’t.

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  1. At the same website: Why I Can’t Trust White People. Something about safety pins.

    I was surprised to learn Amy Schumer’s a racist. (Aren’t we all, really?) And that Johnny Depp is a wife beater. (Aren’t we all, really?) Which should disqualify him from appearing in the new Harry Potter franchise. No word on Terrence Howard, though. The reasoning behind why Depp should be denied a role while Howard is celebrated for his must be Terrylogical (1X1=2).

    I was never very good at math.

    1. This recent turd-of-an-election has made me very tired. I try to examine my white privilege and tread carefully but I often do wonder how far can I go without my head exploding. This has very little to do with your comment, I fear. I just want to warn the world.

      1. Racialism is not an answer. It’s a tool employed to obscure truth, subvert justice.
        Identity politics is what brought us to a Trump Presidency.

          1. Racialism is the tendency to view everything in terms of race while evading overt and extreme elements of prejudice and bigotry. It is a “value neutral” form of racist rhetoric. It’s a politically correct form of identity politics that reinforces social division. It’s insidious and pervasive in our culture.

      2. Me, too. I really struggle to understand their choice. With some, it gets personal.

        The way I see this, Trump uses gaslighting to manipulate. If you try to use logic, nothing will make sense with this man, and his bigotry & bullying knows no bounds. Racism is just a subset of his bigotry. Either you feed his ego or you become a target in a ruthless way. So, there are many targets. He uses -isms to gain control and support from fearful and hateful segments of the population. So, they feed his ego by allowing him to manipulate them, because they believe he is a winner. And they want to win. He has no concern for the targets, unless he decides he needs them. I really believe this is how this man operates. Giving him more power is so very disturbing to me.

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