Brother Ben Carson is an atrocious choice for Sec. of Education

downloadAnd here are five reasons that is the case, from Right Wing Watch.


4 responses to “Brother Ben Carson is an atrocious choice for Sec. of Education

  1. He’s got to have a token Black in there somewhere. Better Education than HHS. He’s going to need somebody with a little more on the ball to dismantle ObamaCareā„¢ and SNAP.

    But…We’re expecting good choices? Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior? Rudy Giuliani for Secretary of State? (Or anything.) How about Chris Christie for Attorney General? Huckabee for Commerce?

    But wait….we have to give them all a chance, right? Isn’t that what The Errand Boy is telling everybody? I mean….we’re fucked either way. Might as well let them fuck us real good. Right? No sense jumping to conclusions.

    • Dunno. The thought of this non-thinker leading our education system just gives me pause. And an ass rash.

      • I keep shaking my head at the choices Trump has made thus far. He’s been an idiot and shows no promise of changing his idiot trajectory.

  2. I’m seeing that Carson isn’t interested in a cabinet position because he (apparently just realized) has no government experience. Good. So, why did he not realize that BEFORE running a campaign to become a Presidential nominee? SMH about that too!

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