Ladies? Guess who bears the brunt of Trump’s version of Obamacare?

obamacare-and-womenYou do.

I wrote this for CT Health Investigative team.

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  1. While I agree that the stakes are indeed high for women’s reproductive healthcare options when considering all the possible ways politicians could gut Obamacareā„¢ in the days ahead, I think this particular perspective is a narrow focus that unfairly marginalizes millions of poor and working poor Americans…men, and women…who cannot survive, literally, being denied subsidies for market controlled health insurance, especially concerning prescription drugs.

    Those poor and working poor who have been able to improve their access to timely and appropriate healthcare under ObamaCareā„¢ will bear the brunt…the deadliest consequences…of the gutting and/or repealing of that law.
    The very threat of it is terrifying.
    Something we live with every day in my house.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but this column focuses on women’s health in general (each column, I mean). It could have easily included a mention of everyone else his tinkering will affect, but it didn’t.

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