The UN has denounced the treatment of the Standing Rock protesters

protest41The United Nations’ special rapporteur on the rights of freedom of association and peaceful assembly has called out security forces out west for their treatment of  protesters at the Dakota Access pipeline.

You can read the letter here.

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  1. The government announced today that construction of the pipeline will halt until Trump takes the oath and has the authority to ensure his business partners, (and campaign contributors), at Energy Transfer Partners and Phillips 66 get exactly what they want. Tribal rights to land and water be damned…or…Business As Usual.

  2. The best news I’ve seen in a while: The federal government today signed papers cancelling energy exploration leases (fracking) in the 130,000 acre Badger-Two Medicine lands that are sacred to the Blackfeet Nation in Montana. Leaseholder Devon Energy acquired the 15 leases in the early 80s during a time consultation with tribes, and proper environmental impact analyses, were neglected by the Interior Department. Current Interior Secretary Jewell, in concert with Devon Energy President David Hager, recognized those shortcomings when cancelling the leases this morning. Lack of consultation and proper environmental impact analyses were formally recognized when the Blackfeet recovered similar leases from Solenex LLC in court four years ago that were granted during the same time period as the Devon Energy leases. That court case led to Interior Department cancellation of remaining Solenex leases this last March, which no doubt played a significant role in inspiring Devon Energy to take the action it did.

    The Badger-Two Medicine area is one of last near pristine landscapes left on the planet. It is a jewel in The Crown of the Continent, one of only two intact ecosystems remaining in the lower 48 states. The Crown includes Glacier National Park, The Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex as well as the Blackfeet Reservation. It is the headwaters of North America. We all owe the Blackfeet Nation a debt of gratitude for their continuing struggle to protect it.

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