We will not stand idly by

download-1Cynical Susan sends this, a heartbreaking story about a racially-charged incident. It includes this:

In a post-racial world, there’s no silence. Even if you can’t directly act, you take a stand to support those who are assaulted, like the woman who volunteered to be a witness, or the manager who took action.

That personal action is the only way that we stop gender-based and racially motivated hate crimes. And it’s the only way to ensure that people like this young man get the message that we as a society won’t accept any assault on any person.

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  1. Thank you susan -yes we need to all speak up whenever we see or hear racist comments !
    We do not want to have this be business as usual !

    1. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that if you decide to insert yourself in a situation like that described by Dr. Hughes, you better be prepared to do more than speak out. You better be prepared to kick some ass, or get your ass kicked. Whichever. Because violence is how these people do business. And if you’re not prepared to confront that? Especially in a concealed carry State? Just call the police. Give your statement. Testify if need be. And stay safe.

      It’s only going to get worse. These people will be installed next door to the Oval Office come January.

  2. Am I reading this right? Do Hughes and Harden expect some sort of deference and respect from racist scumbags because their uniform indicates a certain “socio-economic status” and “educational accomplishments”? If they do maybe they should find another Starbucks…or a caffe on campus. Because if all that matters to them is “status and access to resources and power,” and they’re counting on some sort of “professed…expectation that this kind of behavior shouldn’t be tolerated,” they seem just a bit naïve to be roaming around Capitol Hill…or anywhere in Seattle. Especially these days.

    It’s naïveté to assume America is anything remotely close to “post-racial” just because a Black man has been President for the last eight years.

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