Here are some cities who intend to remain sanctuaries

shutterstock_278842367What the president elect will actually do in regard to so-called sanctuary cities is anybody’s guess, but he has promised — and this could change — to cut off federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities that shelter immigrants who are here without proper documentation. Those cities have promised a fight.

Not included on the CityLabs list is New Haven, which has also vowed to fight.

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  1. How much is New Haven willing to lose in federal funding?

    If Jeff Sessions becomes the AG, can we realistically expect him to allow “liberal” shoulder-shruggers like Emmanuel to effectively nullify federal law without consequence? Sessions has already voted in favor of cutting COPS funding to sanctuary cities. Because of the clear unresolved conflicts created by sanctuary city policies, the government, in one form or another, could cut Justice grant funding, forcing sanctuary cities into court to resolve those conflicts. So part two of the question becomes: How much is New Haven willing to spend to fight for the right to release undocumented criminal migrants without turning them over to the feds? Another question you can bet is lingering in the back of Mayor Harp’s mind? How long politicians can expect to survive in office after giving up Justice grant funding and spending millions in court costs defending nullification of federal law in order to protect aliens…in Trump’s America?

    1. I cannot answer that, any of it. But I can say that New Haven is a unique place and just might stand and fight.

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