The legacy of Amendment T

static1-squarespaceA measure to remove a portion in Colorado’s state constitution that legalizes slavery for people who have been convicted of crimes was struck down during the last election.

This means that a reference to slavery is still in that state’s constitution but a recount is possible.

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  1. Colorado also rejected Amendment 69, the controversial healthcare financing reform called ColoradoCare. It was billed as Single Payer reform, (it wasn’t), and not even Bernie’s endorsement would save it from being rejected by almost 80% of voters.

    Other attempts at statewide universal healthcare were similarly shot down at the polls. California’s healthcare reform (Prop 186) was defeated 3 to 1 and Oregon’s healthcare reform (Measure 23), lost 4 to 1.

      1. My people see some hope in the future. Doctors usually prefer the positive prognosis.

        The patients’ perspective, by necessity, is much dimmer. Only a Presidential veto in January prevented Congress from increasing the rolls of the uninsured by at least 22 million people. This coming January, Congress is poised to do it again through the budget reconciliation process. No worries about a veto this time.

        Amenable mortality rates in this country are always cause for much debate about how such data is interpreted. But one fact, one clear and unarguable fact, remains as steadfast as it is ignored: expanding the limitations on access to timely and appropriate healthcare can only increase that rate.

        1. It appears Congress will extend government funding through March in order to allow the Trump Administration time to get fully seated and up to speed. Not exactly popular with Republicans eager to throw 20 million Americans out of the healthcare system, cut taxes for the rich, defund Planned Parenthood etc., but Trump is betting on the Democrats never allowing a government shutdown no matter what or who is at stake.

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