“How can you possibly call yourself a Christian?”

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Now, I have a whole host of answers ready (I Pet. 3:15, and you can look it up) when I think someone is seeking to judge my level of commitment, but I’m not sure the answers I shoot back are really all that scripturally based. Instead, they’re downright snotty.

“What’s it to you?”

“Fortunately, you don’t get a vote.”

“Shut up.”

I make no secret that I’m an ass on Twitter and sometimes Facebook but mostly on Twitter, and this weekend was more of the same, though after the “Hamilton” incident things got even more heated. I do not tend to engage regular folks on Twitter. I tweet messages to the president-elect and, this weekend, the vice president-elect, but the deplorables were quick to fire back. I was called several vulgar names and one guy tweeted that no one would care if I died.

That’s an odd thing to say to someone you never met so that didn’t bother me so much as my own reaction, which was, of course, to fire back.

This election is playing in to my worst qualities. I was spanked in first grade for getting into a fight. I did not tend to throw a punch because I had older brothers who’d punch back, but these kids were picking on a classmate named Mickey, who wore sweatshirts and smelled bad. I wasn’t particularly close to him but it seemed unfair, and so I waded in, for which I was spanked by Mrs. Taylor, my teacher. I was horrified and ashamed, as she spanked me in front of the whole class, but I look back on that as perhaps my finest hour.

For those of us who believe we were put here to fight, we (I’m speaking for myself) are going to figure out how to exist in a world where the opportunities are everywhere to put up our dukes, to fire back, to battle. If someone knows strategy, I’m all ears.

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  1. First off, the teacher should look back on that spanking as one of her worst hours. She was punishing the wrong kid.

    Second, this requires brainstorming and I haven’the had my coffee yet. I plan to come back to this later today. Fighting can be exhausting, with little to show for it, with so much ignorance out there. I’m thinking we must find other ways, in addition to fighting. Some fights aren’t worth the effort, too.

  2. First, I would care if you died. I had to get that out of the way.
    I think the message to Pence was fine… but I am sure the haters were offended. Hats off to Pence who I just heard on the news was not upset by the message and said it was an example of Freedom of Speech.
    As for fighting back… I am so with you. I did at the polls on Election Day (to a bonehead wearing a Trump hat and a vest decorated with advertisements for the AR-15) and again that night at a local watering hole (completely unrelated to the election), where I punched a guy and pulled his hair. No lie.
    I was a giant ass in both situations and I, apparently, have some anger management issues. And I am okay with that. My actions were validated when I returned to that establishment and another regular whispered to me, “Never change, Mary.”
    I AM angry as hell and I am NOT gonna take it any more! Yesss… I borrowed those words. They are fitting.

  3. How can you possibly call yourself a Christian?

    “It’s easy,” I would say. “I’m a Christian. There. I just did it again. Soy Cristiano! I just did it in Spanish. Ich bin ein Christ! I just did it in German! Je suis chrétien! French! Я христианин! Russian! Tha mi Crìosdail! Gaelic! In America, there is no test for Christianity. All one has to do to be one is to say it. It’s in the Constitution. Look it up. It’s sandwiched in there between the impinges and futue te ipsum.”

        1. Wa alaikum asalaam, sister. It was suggested at the break out group I was part of at the SURJ/Hartford meeting last week. There is actually a pledge to do this being circulated.

            1. Depends on where the internment camp is located. I would like somewhere warm with free meds or at least free dental. And cable TV.

      1. I think those folks will probably have a test for Muslims. Like the ones they’re using now.
        And I don’t think you get to register with them. They will register you.
        But I do think they’ll probably have a place for sympathizers. Guantanamo maybe. Or just prison.

  4. I liberated this from Facebook: “Rather than accept the things I cannot change, I will change the things I cannot accept”. I’m not sure how I’ll do that, but I will figure it out as I go. Put me on the list to register as a Muslim, if it comes to that.

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