Oh, where to start…

screenshot-2016-11-26-15-15-15So we all took a break from the blog to celebrate Thanksgiving (or basically wander off and do Other Stuff), and now we’re back.

While we were apart, a recount in Wisconsin was started, and the Clinton campaign will participate..

Fidel Castro died.

So did Mrs. Brady. And Det. Harris (and thanks, Leftover, for the reminder).

Things got more heated in Standing Rock (I wrote this about that).

I spent time with family, including a sister-in-law from Missouri, and a niece and her husband from Iowa. We shaerd stories and laughs and I learned a wicked good card game called Spoons (and, though bragging is just wrong, I got pretty good at it). I spent Saturday in bed (after dropping them all off at the airport at buttcrack:30) with an ear ache but I’m better now, thanks. A good time was had by all? You?



4 responses to “Oh, where to start…

  1. Don’t forget Ron Glass.
    I was a big Barney Miller fan.

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