Survey: Most churches stayed “above the electoral fray”

downloadA new Pew study says that

Among voters who report attending religious services at least once a month, relatively few say information on political parties or candidates was made available to them in their places of worship (14 percent), and even fewer say they were encouraged to vote in a particular way by their clergy (5 percent). Similarly, very few voters overall say they were contacted by religious organizations about the election (6 percent).

Part of me says “Good for them,” but the rabid, take-no-prisoners part says “How can you stay above it?”

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  1. The rabid take-no-prisoners part of me says, “Can we trust survey respondents who know that telling the truth about church involvement in politics might cost their church its coveted tax exempt status?”

    But we already know that when it comes to American politics, The Good Book is irrelevant to the Christian churchgoers cited in that report…The vast majority of whom chose cultural depravity over any semblance of common decency or religious principle whatsoever.

      1. Kind of shocking, I would think, to the religious among what constitutes genuine opposition to cultural depravity when considering the fact that 75% of the electorate identifies as Christian.

        1. It would appear that we lack quality control and a working definition of what means “cultural depravity.”

          1. We have working definitions of cultural depravity. A lack of moral conscience. Moral corruption, wickedness. A society where evil is denied, excused or rationalized.

            I think what is needed, especially for ya’ll, is a reworked definition of what means “Christian.” Something a little more elaborate than “sincerely held belief” in certain Abrahamic myths. There’s got to be some Christ in Christian. Somewhere. Start using terms like “Levitican” for those who reject the perfection of the Old Covenant in the Life of Christ: Love Saves. The totality of the circumstances must be respected. If not? Tell them to find another place to park.

            1. Yep. I’ve been saying that last part for a few years. It’s all supposed to stem back to love and that’s pretty much it — not that I live that way, but I can see it from here.

              1. I think you live that way. In fact, I can testify that you do. Just because you might not live up to some uber-righteous hundred year old saintly stereotype doesn’t mean you don’t live that truth.

                Even Jesus kicked a little ass from time to time. Right?

  2. I don’t think they stay above it, really. You don’t have to name names when you preach on how to love, care for, and welcome one another. We know what candidate matches the values of our faith, and it isn’t Trump.

    On the other side, if you preach about the evils of abortion and homosexuality, and then instill fear, you don’t have to name names, either. If someone is attending a particular church regularly, then whatever candidate matches up with the tone of the church is implied without direct discussion.

    But a church doesn’t decide for the person, does it? We have free will to attend any particular church we want or not attend any. The tone of the church attracts people who choose to accept what’s taught, don’t you think?

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