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downloadKellogg’s moved to pull its ads from Breitbart News, which said that didn’t hurt a bit, but then called for a boycott of the cereal company.

“We regularly work with our media-buying partners to ensure our ads do not appear on sites that aren’t aligned with our values as a company,” Kellogg’s said in a statement. “We recently reviewed the list of sites where our ads can be placed and decided to discontinue advertising on We are working to remove our ads from that site.”

So when you next go to the store, do enjoy these fine products. You can read more here. This does raise the question of precisely who advertises on Breitbart. I’m happy to add them to my own, personal boycott.

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  1. This is too bad really because it seems that of all the things that people on the alt-right need, dietary fiber would be high on the list.

  2. While I think it’s just peachy some corporate persons like Kellogg’s have decided to pull their advertising support from one White Nationalist website only now that people are looking, I think a better tactic for economic retaliation against the White Nationalist mainstream marketing and propaganda mill might be to boycott corporate persons that still dump advertising dollars into Breibart’s pockets. Like Amazon. How ’bout it, Jeff?

    Because before promoting consumer support of corporate persons like Kellogg’s because they suddenly awoke to the fact their advertising dollars support mainstreaming White Nationalism in America, shouldn’t the socially and politically conscious consumer get informed on what Kellogg’s “values” actually are?
    Like charging exorbitant prices for products with little…and often questionable…nutritional value?
    Like employing dicey manufacturing processes that have resulted in multiple recalls?
    Like making unsubstantiated, misleading…and possibly even fraudulent…claims in its advertising?
    Like using questionable marketing tactics to entice children into consuming products with high sugar content or laden with high fructose corn syrup?
    Like spending millions of dollars to defeat initiatives that would require accurate and truthful product labeling?
    And what do we know about Kellogg’s domestic and foreign operations? How do they treat their employees? (Most American manufacturing sites are unionized. Kellogg’s is active in 40 countries globally.)

    If you’re looking for snacks and breakfast cereal I think you can make a better, healthier choice than Kellogg’s. Send them a nice email instead.

      1. Of all the reasons there are to consider an alternative to Kellogg’s products, I think that has to be the silliest I’ve seen.

        In 2014 there was Facebook campaign to boycott Kellogg’s because of plant closure and contract practices. I don’t think that went very far.

        The GMO Free folks are still pressing their boycott/petition action. Interesting reading there if you’re interested in glyphosate pollution and other endocrine disruptors in our foods. Thanks Monsanto!

        Some reaction to the right-wing boycott is questioning Kellogg’s values for being associated with Breitbart at all. While others are lining up their wallets to support Kellogg’s.

        Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…Bannon is picking out wallpaper for his new office.

        1. Wait. Mine is the silliest? Or boycotting because of the early history of cereal is the silliest? Oh, never mind. I like cereal, period. I don’t like Bannon, period.

          1. No. The masturbation thing is the silliest.
            Your reason isn’t silly. I just don’t think it’s reason enough warrant anything more than a polite “thank you” email.

            1. Well, it’s not a stretch for me, as I eat Kellogg’s already. It’s kind of like my lifelong boycott of Woody Allen films. I never watched ’em, anyway.

              1. I stopped at one of the recalls. I think it was the 2010…the 2-methylnaphthalene scare. When it became clear nobody knew what those people were including in their product and packaging, much less if any of it was harmful or not, I looked elsewhere for breakfast nummies.

                I stopped watching Woody Allen films because I didn’t think he was funny. The last one I watched was Manhattan. His drooling over Mariel Hemingway just grossed me out.

                1. I may have cut out slightly before that, so when he married his stepdaughter, I could just continue not seeing his stuff, but now I got to feel all righteous and stuff.

                  1. I eat oatmeal or cage-free eggs for breakfast, don’t watch Woody Allen, but I buy bottled water sometimes. I try to be a responsible consumer, but no way can I be in a comprehensive way. Too much work to be informed. Plus, we have to eat something. Do what seems right for you and that’s good enough.

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