Have you heard of Professor Watchlist?

imagesI really wish I could make the Professor Watchlist for radical academics,  and be like this guy, a dangerous professor.


3 responses to “Have you heard of Professor Watchlist?

  1. You would be in some pretty good company. Like John Bellamy Foster and Richard D. Wolf…just for starters.

    (Just for clarification, Foster writes for Monthly Review: An Independent Socialist Magazine, not “Marxist Magazine Monthly Review.” I’m a fan.)

    I’m not seeing Chomsky on there. I would think that any enemies list worth reading would include The Noamster just as a matter of course. He’s been a regular on those kinds of lists since The Nixon Administration.

    I haven’t read much of Yancy. But I’m not sure he should be classified as a Leftist. Neither should Arthur Butz. Or Juan Cole. It seems Turning Point USA defines Leftist as anyone who knows how to alphabetize names or can speak and write in complex sentences. (But still no Chomsky?)

    These are the leaders of Tomorrow.

  2. Robert Jensen (as it happens, husband of Eliza Gilkyson), prof at UTAustin, is on the list too. It doesn’t seem like the profs are all that scared of the big bad list.

    • Dammit! I WANNA BE ON THAT LIST. I’ve always wanted to be considered radical, though I think I lack the qualifications.

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