So the First-Daughter-to-Be met with Al Gore

screenshot-2016-12-05-21-11-05It was in all the papers.

So here’s my question and I’ve heard this discussed by people who just might get the phone call: If the President-elect were to call you for help or an appointment, would you answer? (You can read more here about this particular meeting.)

As I am not reaching across the aisle for any one or anything, I would not answer the call, but I’m interested. Would you?

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  1. This President elect?
    It would depend on why he called me. But if I was in a position where he might, it would be extremely difficult for me to turn down a chance to…figuratively…spit in his eye.

    The only reason the Royal Family called Gore was probably explain the profit potential in the whole carbon tax credit/offset scam. If you want to know how to make money on bullshit? Call a bullshit artist.

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