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  1. Good luck! I hope it goes off without a hitch.
    Dress warm. Pack a lunch. Wear sensible shoes. Take lots of pictures.

      1. So much for the Lincoln Memorial. Or Pennsylvania Avenue.

        Looks like you might be sharing space with Michael Moore and the D.C. Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee. If you see Mikey, ask him how he figures 48.2% (65,432,202) of 128,226,074 (ballot count thus far) into “vast majority.” Or 231,556,622 (US voting-eligible population). Or 251,107,404 (US voting-age population). Take notes or record it because my math skills are either outdated or somebody’s up to their wallet in bullshit.

        1. Yeah. People have been sending me that notice, a lot. Interesting that the day AFTER the inauguration they’re still blocking off public areas.

          1. Those areas are apparently closed for weeks after the inauguration. I think the idea is to make it as difficult as possible for protesters. And for potential protesters already facing Washington DC in the middle of winter.

            And the last thing the government wants is the media filled with pictures of a Lincoln Memorial filled with throngs of people. With no counter-protesters in sight.

  2. What if you have to go to the bathroom? And there are no bathroom stops and no bathrooms for the crowds? This is something I’ve wondered because I worry about such things. I haven’t signed up. Not yet. I’m on the fence and undecided.

    1. I don’t recommend everyone go. It’s really only if you wanna. I assume the driver knows he can’t keep a busload of passengers away from a bathroom stop. That, and I’m gonna believe the bus has a bathroom — it’s a seven hour drive — and if not, I’ll just go in the aisle. I hike/camp.

      1. I’m thinking more about the 12 hrs off the bus, possibly without facilities. I wanna be there, but am undecided at this point. Awesome, you’re going though! I’m definitely in on the work to be done to protect all of us from the hate and hurtful policies!

      2. I was once asked if I had to pick one thing that would make or break a relationship with a woman, what would that be. After much thought I decided that if she couldn’t pee outdoors then it probably wasn’t going to work out.

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