Oh, Don! The visuals!

nbc-fires-donald-trump-after-he-calls-mexicans-rapists-and-drug-runnersYou can block the Lincoln Memorial. Block the Capitol Mall. Close down I-495, for all I care. Tell me I’m not welcome in D.C. during your inauguration weekend, you big ol’ chicken who’s hogging up the public space because you think (or so I assume) that your bombast will scare off me and the other moms, sisters, aunts, daughters, and grannies.

It is to laugh, that you can scare us off. In fact, you’ve managed to piss us off even more, something I didn’t think possible. We who don’t salute you are coming to show you that nothing scares us. No. Thing. Not threats to our access to health, not your treating our nation’s capital as your private playpen, not your pussy-grabbing, nothing. We are strong. We are many and

WE ARE COMING ANYWAY. Tha-a-a-a-at’s right. We will come to the capital to exercise our First Amendment rights, and you should know that even to your most rabid supporters, your seeking to block us looks bad, Don. It just looks bad.

So buckle up, Don. It’s going to be a hell of a ride.


10 responses to “Oh, Don! The visuals!

  1. It isn’t anything Trump related blocking access to The Lincoln Memorial. It’s not his government yet. He’s not The Chief Executive yet. What the National Park Service does can’t be blamed on Trump.

  2. On January 21st, women (& men) will be marching there in Washington and in cities across the US. AND, there will be women marching in solidarity across the globe. (There are groups forming in Sweden, Norway, Copenhagen, Auckland, Australia…) So, if The Mall or a few streets are shut down, so be it. Every street around DC, the country and world will not be shut down and we will be heard! On January 22nd, we will be one, and we will be ready to get things done.

    • What Jac said. There is no precedent for shutting down the Lincoln Memorial. None.

      • I don’t if there’s a precedent for a protest at The Lincoln Memorial the day after the inauguration.
        The annual Right To Life Marches are scheduled around that same time, but I don’t know whether, or when, they’ve used The Lincoln Memorial in the past. (This January 27 they’re using The Washington Monument for the rally and will march down Constitution Avenue to the Capitol complex.)

      • And if they do close it off, there are other places. It’s about the massive support and gathering of people, not the gathering location, right?

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