So Russia hacked our election

screenshot-2016-12-10-16-37-07A CIA assessment said Russia intervened in the recent election in order to get Donald J. Trump elected. You can read more here.

The silence from the right has been deafening. At least one person (James Comey) may have known about this and chose to keep silent. As for Trump’s reaction, from the New York Times

Mr. Trump, who has taken intelligence briefings only sporadically, is questioning not only analytic conclusions, but also their underlying facts.



6 responses to “So Russia hacked our election

  1. “Secret CIA Assessment”?
    Really? It’s a new Red Scare!
    And we’re supposed to believe the CIA? People who make their living lying and propagandizing and hacking and destabilizing governments and entire regions? Which no doubt included interfering in elections from time to time. What’s to stop the CIA from doing that here?

    The Ruskies didn’t get Trump elected. The Democrats did that. And I’m more inclined to believe Craig Murray: Podesta emails leaked not hacked. Like they told us anything we didn’t already know.

    The Democratic Party is in desperation mode. It’s latest stunt in The Senate illustrates that clearly. And why working people have turned their back on the Democrats.

    • I don’t agree. I don’t think we can — Trump-like — dismiss what comes from our intelligence community, any more than we can dismiss outright what the MSM says. Yes, the Democrats did their share of tomfoolery that helped lose the election. The blame for Clinton’s defeat can be spread far and wide. But this morning I found this instructive, as well as this. The louder that man squawks, the greater the likelihood (to me) that they’re on to something. Look at all the connections his would-be Cabinet members have with Russia. This isn’t desperation and it’s at least worth another look.

      • Don’t call me Trump-like. Please. My suspicion of the CIA goes way beyond political opportunism and is rooted in historical fact and a consistent ideology. Things Trump is completely unfamiliar with.

        “It is unclear why the C.I.A. did not produce this formal assessment before the election.” Really? What evidence??
        Oh wait. I forgot. It’s secret.

        The New Red Scare is bipartisan because both status quo parties benefit from the McCarthyism that will spring, and has already sprung, from it. See WaPo and CBS slander of respected websites based on complete fabrication from dubious sources. The last thing any God Fearing American Politician wants is somebody telling the truth about who owns them. The last thing the MSM wants is more people tuning them out in favor of progressive ethical alternatives.

        And why are cabinet members’ business connections relevant just now? Next to nobody complained about Obama lining his Cabinet with Wall Street, energy industry and healthcare industry operatives. But somehow it’s determined to be downright unAmerican to have Russians bending us over a chair? The Saudis and the Egyptians have been doing it for decades. We go to war to protect business relationships with those people. What makes the Russians so evil? The fact Putin told Obama to take a flying leap? Please.

        The MSM, in concert with opportunistic, unprincipled politicians, and the people who fund such opportunism, are using this to manipulate the electorate with more fear and falsehood. You would think we would be getting tired of it by now.

        The Democrats are indeed desperate. They’re losing the middle class. The Blue Wall is crumbling. So is their control over the MSM. Trust in the media and journalism is at an all-time low. People trust banks and corporate persons more than the national media.

        And they’re losing young people.

        The Democrats in Congress won’t stand up to Trump or the Republicans. They proved that on Friday. But they will stand up to an invisible Russian Threat To The American Way Of Life GODDAMMIT! And they’ll keep doing it over and over and over and over……………….while they continue to throw workers under the bus.

        • I cannot defend the Democrats, nor would I try. Ever. They bungled so much in the last 20+ years that even the hard-cores should be examining their hearts, souls and wallets. But this is as good a time as any to explore the unseen tendrils that connect those in power, and leave the rest of this country dangling. I am hoping my own two senators — Murphy and Blumenthal — do the right thing. They have with gun violence and mental health issues (so far). I’m counting on them continuing to work for their constituents.

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