An updated “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

So singers Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski updated the kind-of-creepy standard, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” for the age of informed consent, and boy did Chicago Tribune readers hate it.

Personally, I find the new version kind of catchy.


5 responses to “An updated “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. I love it. At my last “real” job, a coworker (high school teacher) pointed out the original lyrics and referred to it as “the date rape song” and now I am acutely aware of the words every time I hear it. As for those who hate political correctness… too bad. It’s the right way to be.

  2. I think saying the original song “smacks of coercion and fateful mixed messages” is as ridiculous as calling the remake a “Millennial tantrum.”

    • I don’t know. Before I even heard/saw this, I thought the song was creepy.

      • The original? Really? It was one of my Ma’s favorites.

        The Homer and Jethro/June Carter parody can get a little creepy, I guess. (Went to #22 on the 1949 pop chart. June was 20 then. A little younger than the TV version.)

        I wonder if Liza and Lemanski listen to any old traditional blues songs. Boot Hill. 32-20 Blues. Murder in the First Degree. Bloodstains on the Wall. etc. “Updating” those would keep them busy for a while.

  3. I never thought of the original “Baby…” as a beloved Christmas song. The scenario could take place any time during the winter, before or after Christmas. The remake is a hoot.
    Those who sent nasty or threatening messages should really find something important to rant about.

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