How much food do we throw out every year?

leftovers$640’s worth, according to an survey from last year.

That’s roughly 16 percent of the food we buy each year, in the trash.


12 responses to “How much food do we throw out every year?

  1. You know…..
    I do hate to be peevish………
    But where is the survey? No link to it at The Fool.
    And those BLS statistics?
    And why is the American Chemistry Council, a chemical industry trade group (lobbyists) that opposes things like banning endocrine disruptors used in food additives and packaging and bans on plastic grocery bags, even interested in food waste?
    Wait a minute…..
    Maybe it’s a survey by TNS Global? Nope. The Fool says, ” According to a survey by the American Chemistry Council.” I better keep looking.

    • They got their information from the American Chemistry Council, which I did not link to because I don’t love them. Sue me. Have a spectacular night.

  2. Before the job was taken over by the local food program a few years ago (thankfully), a bunch of us would redistribute food that was going to be thrown out by grocery stores in the area. Three supermarkets and we would stuff a large Econoline van as many as six times a week. I was amazed by what we would get. It was us or the dumpster.

    • That’s an incredible haul…

      • There were a couple of shelters and church kitchens that got first crack, then we’d hit the streets. People got to recognize the van, we had a route. It was mostly staples. Baked goods, lots of eggs, beat up veggies and fruit. Once we had a crate of Kiwis. They were a big hit. Usually we were empty in a couple of hours.

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