Twelve things to know about segregation

rubybridgessegregation_0This is kind of interesting. It’s certainly a resource I’ll use in class next semester.

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  1. We discuss this a lot.
    What good is school integration when socioeconomic and racial segregation…inequality…remain entrenched in our society?

    For instance, check back in with the Equality of Opportunity Project:

    [T]he neighborhood environment during childhood is a key determinant of a child’s long-term success. This suggests that policy makers seeking to improve mobility should focus on improving childhood environments (e.g., by improving local schools) and not just on the strength of the local labor market or availability of jobs. … [T]here are significant returns to improving children’s environments even at older ages.
    Executive Summary (PDF) The Impacts of Neighborhoods on Intergenerational Mobility, April 2015.

    It’s kind of a chicken-or-egg argument. As long as Capitalism rules the roost, however, I think it’s clear pronounced socioeconomic and racial inequality will persist, making the improvement of neighborhood schools tantamount to the social mobility American Capitalism promises to its workers.
    Then the question becomes how to do that. Entitlement or Commodification?

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