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  1. I am going to turn up the heater, get out the extra blanket, snuggle into/snooze my way through a Netflix binge and hope the actual doesn’t get anywhere near the forecast.

    We dodged a bullet last week. Hoping for more good fortune tonight.

    Have a warm weekend.

    1. We are hunkering down for the Armageddon here. Not really. A storm tonight and in the 50s on Sunday. Weird, right? What are you binge-watching?

      1. The OA. Just out today.
        Some kind of supernatural/science fiction “mind-bender.” Hence the snooze option.

        Forecasts here range from 7 above to 15 below overnight.

    2. That sounds kind of nice. But, let’s hope the snow is lighter than expected.

      And seriously, if you ask me (which you haven’t), all that is important in Christianity could be condensed into a one page essay or less.

      1. I’ll take the snow over the subzero anytime.
        Besides…we need the water. Especially up high.
        We’re not forecast for any more snow until Monday anyway.

          1. Only -8 last night.
            Colder in town but they’re a few hundred feet lower than we are. Nastier winds, too.

            1. That’s just miserable. We got a wintry mix, which means in my neighborhood pretty snow then crapped up with sleet.

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