Today’s a big damn deal

And so we wait, to see what the electors (among them Bill Clinton, of New York) will do today.

Here’s more on what’s happening.

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  1. Think there will be any drama?

    Speaking of Wild Bill…and drama…today is the 18th anniversary of his impeachment by The House for lying under oath and obstruction of justice.

      1. Kenneth Starr got the ball rolling in September when he delivered the 18 boxes of his report to The House. The House took up the issue in October, eventually whittling down Starr’s 11 counts to three, then to two, and voted for impeachment on Dec. 19th.

        Two days before Valentine’s Day, The Senate exculpated Wild Bill, and the whole “profoundly sorry” nonsense began.

        Two years later it was back to business as usual for Wild Bill. Including giving new meaning to the term hobnobbing.

        And this year he gets to vote for his wife…twice. Another first for Wild Bill’s legacy.

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