We just had a depressing year in religion news

downloadFrom Religion News Service, here’s a rundown of some really crappy stuff that happened in the religion world, including:

  • Trumpvangelicals
  • And what precisely means “evangelicals?”
  • Religious bigotry on campus
  • And a few other ugly things.



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  1. I would think that having hypocrisy and corruption within the Christian ranks exposed for all to see would be more good news than bad…for the righteous, anyway.

    And while it’s true voters who identify as Evangelical delivered a strong majority to King Donald, those who identified as Mormons and Catholics also delivered significant majorities of turnout to the antithesis of common decency. Circle-scourge anyone?

    But I think the biggest religion story of the year was the growth of the unaffiliated, (nones now 22-25% of American adults depending on who is doing the counting), and the increases in the atheist/agnostic communities contributing to that growth.

    1. That’s been going on for a few years now, the none-growth. Might that signal to faith groups they they Have a Problem?

      1. Some faith groups.
        According to Pew research Catholics and “Mainline” Protestants have suffered the biggest declines over 7 years (2007-2014). Evangelical Protestants not nearly as much. Less than one-third of Catholic and “Mainline” Protestant declines. Protestant declines generally are are made up of White Folk. Black Protestant congregations appear to be relatively stable.

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