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5345ce7a8b64d9971c8fe386cff181a2I’m on the Colin McEnroe Show tomorrow at 1 p.m. on WNPR, with newspaper columnist Tom Krattenmaker, author of “Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower: Finding Answers in Jesus for Those Who Don’t Believe,” and Brian Clark of the Hartford Seminary.

We’ll be talking about Christianity. I intend to learn a lot.

UPDATE: In case you missed it, here ’tis.

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      1. Atheists gather?
        Who knew? I need to be more diligent checking my email.


        Without getting into the whole “unusual wisdom and deeply moving strangeness” thing, or how he defines secular, what I don’t understand is how one can be a “follower” of Jesus without subscribing to the divinity of Jesus.

        Jesus Himself proclaimed his divinity a number of times. Probably the most significant such proclamation was to Caiaphas the high priest (Mark 14:61–62) when he identified himself as the “Son of Man,” the fulfillment of the prophecy of Daniel (Dan. 7:13–14).

        You know I have a great respect for the teachings of Jesus as laid out in the New Testament. (Although I wouldn’t call him a philosopher.) And I agree that, properly interpreted, His teachings can be “powerfully applicable and transformative.” But I cannot be a follower of Jesus, secular or otherwise, because I don’t subscribe to His divinity.

        And I also don’t know how a “follower” of a God can call himself an atheist. (Agnostic maybe.)

        Maybe I should listen in…if I can get the link to work.

        1. I believe that is one of the topics. Can you follow without believing in the divinity? Or does your devotion level stop at admiration?

          1. I see that he’s talked about this before. As an Old School Atheist? I’m not all that impressed with his argument.

            Sounds more like a sales pitch to me.

            If he’s trying to get atheists to read the Bible? I can’t argue with that, I suppose.

          2. And he’s just lucky he’s got you and Colin to converse with and not a cranky old fart like me. You think I’m rough on Christians…………..

        2. Interesting. So, what if divinity is something else? Less exclusive? As an atheist, what exactly do you reject? I mean, what is “God” to you?

          It is hard for me to quantify God or divinity (or love), as I don’t think of it as a separate entity from us. Maybe it’s infinite in that way. With some, I think it’s buried so deep, it’s hardly apparent. With others, it is easier to see. With Jesus, it was all one could see. Following Jesus, to me, can help a person bring the divine (or pure love) closer to the surface, to realization and peace. And it is very hard to do, as impossible to do perfectly. But, we can try our best and it can bring light into the world. That’s where I am today on this. So, I try to follow though I am not very good at it.

          1. What if divinity was something else?
            Divinity, by definition, is the state or quality of being divine, (of, from, or like God or a god). As an atheist…by definition a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods…I reject the assertion that gods, and all the accouterments associated with the divine, actually exist outside the hearts and minds of human beings. As an atheist, God is…to me…with all due respect…a royal pain in the ass.

            As an atheist, among other things, I also reject the idea that “pure” love…love unencumbered by conditions…is in any way divine, or that religious faith is necessary to “bring light into the world.” As an atheist, it’s my sincerely held belief that true enlightenment is the result of reason, not religion. That’s a secular position. By definition, a position that has no religious or spiritual basis. Given that, I hope you can understand why I would have a problem with an self-identified atheist claiming to be a secular “follower” of a deity.

            I respect those who have religious faith inasmuch as they respect those who have none. I’ve read history as well as The Bible, so I also have a healthy respect the power collective faith can wield, wherever such faith is rooted.

            I hope that helps.

  1. I will probably will miss this. If there is a link to a rebroadcast, please post. It sounds interesting. Enjoy!

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