Nine-year olds know gender issues

screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-1-42-48-pmThis National Geographic piece is eye-opening and sad: Children know about gender issues.

A sampling:

At nine, youngsters from China to Canada and Kenya to Brazil describe big dreams for future careers—but the boys don’t see their gender as an impediment, while the girls, all too frequently, do.


5 responses to “Nine-year olds know gender issues

  1. I really thought we would have made more progress by now. Do any cultures not discriminate against women and girls, do you know?

    • Sweden. Finland. Norway. Any others?

    • What I’m wondering as I start to delve into this…I got interrupted…is whether there is some science…or a longer form with more data…or is this observation.

      I don’t question the veracity or value of what’s being reported. I’m just freaky about verification. Rupert Murdoch. 21st Century Fox. Gives me pause.

      • Good question. I read this as observations. Certainly, it was not surprising, but sad to see the words from these little ones across the globe.

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