Parents? Are you tired of the conservative agenda that is wreaking havoc in our schools?

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-12-50-18-pmOneMillionMoms, a conservative organization for moms “fed up with the filth many segments of our society, especially the entertainment media, are throwing at our children,” has suggested boycotting Highlights magazine, which will begin featuring same-sex families in its pages — or, in the words of the Moms, has “caved to the left.”

I so appreciate Cynical sending me this story, as it reminded me that I wanted to subscribe to Highlights for the grandbabies. So subscription bought and paid for. Thank you, Cynical, and thank you, Highlights, for caving not to the left, but to diversity.



3 responses to “Parents? Are you tired of the conservative agenda that is wreaking havoc in our schools?

  1. Business as usual for the American Family Association, whose notion of “traditional values” includes bigotry, intolerance and opposition to anything that smacks of recognition and affirmation of diversity…pluralism.

    Watch for this kind of thing to increase as the White Nationalist tendency becomes legitimized, mainstreamed, into our culture. Four years from now? The New Normal.

    • You’re right. And I meant to make clear that this is an AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION (hawk/spit) production.

    • I was talking about this with someone earlier today. It’s on all of our shoulders (the majority) to stay extra vigilant to not let this be normal in our own communities. I think you are right about it becoming mainstreamed, sadly. Our work toward equality and justice will be tougher than ever. But, I do believe the light will not be overcome by the darkness. The majority rejected Trump and his message. The AFA and others may have a louder voice with Trump, but not loud enough to drown out the rest of us. I hang on to that hope.

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