We are entertaining your favorite holiday sweets

haystacks-recipe-featuredbAround DJ Central, that would be haystacks, also known as America’s Ugliest Candy.® I make ’em by the vatful, apologize for how freaky they look, and then collect compliments.

I also make mountains of fudge (I’m making my 15th pound of it, as you read this).

What goes over in your neck of the woods? I’m collecting recipes.


6 responses to “We are entertaining your favorite holiday sweets

  1. Lattes. With cinnamon.
    If I’m feeling particularly frisky and have the ingredients, Eggnog Lattes.
    Later this week we’re going to make up a couple of batches of microwave fudge. Mostly for the neighbor who brings his tractor down to keep our driveway plowed clear of the berms the snowplow leaves behind. But some might make it to Sunday. Maybe.

    • Microwave fudge? Sounds awesome. I make the stuff off the back of the marshmallow tub.

      • The recipe is here.
        We’ll mix in a little espresso powder if we got some, (dissolve like a quarter of a teaspoon in warm water first), and some fancy vanilla if we got it…like the ones that have bourbon in them…or the Mexican Vanilla. You can add nuts and peppermint chips etc..

        But the recipe is really good as it is. Rich like a ganache. And easy.

        You can line the pan with parchment instead of buttering the pan…which can get a little rich around the edges. And let it cool on the counter for an hour before refrigerating. At least two hours if you want to eat it fresh.

  2. My favorite is my Nana’s Almond Crescents. I follow her recipe, but they are never as good as when she made them. Here’s the recipe, straight from her handwritten note to me:
    2 – 2 1/2 c flour
    1 c Butter
    1 c chopped slivered almonds
    1/2 c granulated sugar
    1/2 t vanilla

    Mix above ingredients with pasty blender. Form into three ~1″ diameter ropes. Chill a few hours.
    Pre heat oven at 325. Cut slices and form into balls, then crescent shapes. Bake 20-30 mins, until slightly brown. Cool. Roll in confectioner’s sugar.

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