How journalists covered Mussolini and Hitler


  • Mussolini was a darling of the American press.
  • Hitler was called “Germany’s Mussolini.”
  • “Sober” German politicians would emerge to soften Hitler’s radical plans.

See any patterns?


3 responses to “How journalists covered Mussolini and Hitler

  1. Americans have always had a fondness for nationalism in one form or another. (Civic versus ethnic, mostly.) I don’t find it surprising that unprincipled opportunists, especially in the mass media, have found ways to exploit that across generations.

    But when I see correlations like this the first thing to pop into my head is, “This is not the Weimar Republic…yet.” There are indeed some striking similarities, especially in the mass media. But there are some striking differences as well. I don’t think we’re looking at a Hitler or Mussolini kind of strongman here. I think…actually…the situation is much more grave than that.

    • How so?

      • Trump, American White nationalism, is being installed into a power structure that is infinitely more threatening than Weimar militarism. That power structure…corporatism…economic fascism…already exists and is deeply entrenched…and legitimized for the most part…in our society.

        America is way beyond the Weimar between 1919 and 1933.

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