What if we all learned a little Arabic

Adam Saleh, known best for his hoaxes on YouTube, claims he was kicked off a Delta airline for speaking Arabic (to his mother on the phone) and to a traveling companion. Here’s the New York Times story on it.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we all learn a little Arabic?

Salaam for “peace.”

Shukran for “thank you.”

Inshallah for “what will be, will be,” or, if you’re a religious type, “if God wills it.”

Mashi for “OK.”


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  1. I love this idea. And while we’re all leaning a little Arabic, we should all learn some Spanish, too… versus complaining about Spanish speaking servers and cashiers and/or having to press 1 on the phone to hear a message in English. I always tell people, “You’ll be WAY more upset when you have to press 2.”

  2. Good idea!
    One more I learned a few months ago:
    “Yalla” or “Yalla, yalla” – Means: “Come on, let’s get going” or “hurry up” or “move along”. It comes in handy when getting a group to move along. :-)

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