Let’s start 2017 off with a big ol’ pffft to 2016

So last year, I made three resolutions. I am a big fan of resolutions, eve if I am not that dedicated to actually keeping them.

For 2016,  told myself I would:

  • Learn to play the banjo
  • Find a church
  • Read the Bible cover-to-cover

In fact, referencing the Meat Loaf song above, one out of three ain’t bad. Of the three resolutions, I made, the only one I kept was reading the Bible cover-to-cover, helped by a phone app that kept me on track. (And let me tell you, ending a crap year like 2016 by reading the book of Revelation is a big ol’ slice of cake with ice cream on top. Angels! Seven bowls! The apocalypse! Yay!)

I actually only visited one church in 2016, and put the banjo in a closet about, oh, 10 months ago. I learned the rolls and got bored. I thought about taking lessons but as with most half-baked ideas, it just didn’t seem worth it.

Because I expect 2017 to be a challenging year (I don’t like one single, solitary thing about our new president), I believe I will track back and read the Bible again. Baby steps.

I wish for you a hope-filled and beautiful ’17. According to this half-baked website, the number 17 in the Bible stands for overcoming the enemy. That could be a good thing, yes?

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  1. The only thing I’m hoping for right now is that the forecasted temps come up short again.
    And if they don’t…that the pipes don’t freeze.

    1. I dunno, Leftover. It sounds like you live on the tundra. It must be really beautiful. And wild.

      1. The Wild depends on what county you’re in.

        The beauty of it all can get lost when you’re eyes try to freeze shut. Wind chill this morning is right about -10°. Forecast is for double that by tomorrow. Hopefully it will break by Wednesday so we might escape that permafrost ambiance…for now.

        It’s kind of comforting in a weird way. This is normal weather that we haven’t seen in years. The subzero temps compact and harden the snowpack in the higher elevations, slowing the runoff in the spring, delaying the drought conditions and all the nasty effects of that…like FIRE!…that have become commonplace the last ten years or so.

        But it’s still a pain in the ass. Especially if you have to go outside.

          1. Yeah, I got most of my business handled last week and we stocked up the pantry on Saturday. So I should be good until it breaks.

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