We must control our toddlers better

mtm2njq1mdk1odc5mdi2mjczAccording to the Press Union (building on research by the Washington Post), for the last two years, a toddler has shot someone every week. Two years. Every week.


2 responses to “We must control our toddlers better

  1. “…a continued focus on gun control in the United States.”
    Continued? Really? Really???
    “…the considerable media attention and focus on getting gun owners to be more responsible with their weapons.”
    On this planet?

    Every firearm…every firearm…in the United States has at least one type of locking device (safety) built right in.

    Any adult who leaves a gun where a toddler can get its hands on it is guilty of endangering the welfare of a child and/or criminal negligence.
    Any manufacturer that builds a firearm with a trigger that can be depressed by a toddler is guilty of same.

    This data is evidence that we need to license gun owners the same way we license driving. Before purchase, a potential gun owner must demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency and knowledge of safe handling procedures and State laws pertaining to gun ownership.

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