I killed a post

It was — or so I thought — a benign little post about living in a bubble, or not circulating enough among people who don’t look and smell like you. It linked to a PBS page but the little bubble test was written by a racist who doesn’t have a lot of love for women: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/making-sense/column-live-bubble-100-communities/

That link is new. It wasn’t there when I originally stumbled across the test, but really, I am responsible for the things I link to, and a little more research on my part would have kept me from writing that post in the first place. A test by someone like Charles Murray is anything but benign. My apologies.

And thanks, Leftover.

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  1. I don’t think you owe anybody an apology.
    PBS? Those are the folks who should be apologizing. Lending PBS credibility to the legitimization of pseudoscience rooted in racism just because Murray doesn’t like Trump and knows how to run a data graphing app should never be part of the “objectivity and balance” equation the Corporation for Public Broadcasting alleges informs its programming and publishing decisions.

    Principled conservatism…including what is commonly referred to as “libertarianism” these days…has always been well represented on “public” television. (Don’t get me started on their new subscription-only viewing policies.) Charles Murray does not in any way represent principled conservatism. He’s a well-papered bullshit artist who has made a career out of telling White Folk exactly what they want to hear. Not what they need to hear.

    The PBS rationalization to continue to feature Murray’s commentary is rooted in corporatism…not objectivity and balance in the public interest.

    You don’t owe anybody any apologies.

    1. Thanks, my friend, but what goes on this blog is ultimately on me. It’s on me to vet the sources, at the very least. The source I stole this from was from 2014,a lifetime online. At the least, that should have done more than give me (brief) pause. This isn’t me donning my hair shirt. I’m just acknowledging a screw-up.

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