The new Congress, many of whom are bought and paid for

gun-tied-in-knotGuns Down America researched the new Congress, and how much the blood-gargling NRA has invested in their success.

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  1. Interesting data. But this is old news. Everybody is familiar with the power the NRA wields in the electoral process and Congressional policy making. And the NRA is not the only deep pocket flexing its muscle in the gun rights arena. (And when it comes to that kind of muscle, the NRA is just one of many corruptors in the system buying up both Democrats and Republicans.)

    Being a new organization, I suppose some sensationalism is necessary to attract attention. But I am hoping to eventually see some “bolder and broader” ideas from Guns Down to reduce the risk to public health and safety due to the proliferation of unusually dangerous firearms in the U.S.. Attacking the NRA with more finger wagging and name calling isn’t going to work. Unless all you’re doing is trying to do is keep yourself employed.

    1. I just wanted to share the old news, then. And I refuse to stop calling names when it comes to the blood-garblers at the NRA.

      1. I’ve got some choice names for the NRA as well.

        I’ve also got some choice words for professional gun control advocates that refuse to face reality. Using fear mongering, hate and discontent, (an NRA tactic), is not the way to advance a “bolder and broader” agenda.

        The problem is not just “too many guns.” It’s more complex than that. Guns Down has made some noise that it understands that. But until it expands its activism beyond social media, (Facebook and Twitter), and enumerates that understanding into an actual platform for change, They’re just another voice in a wilderness of hoots and howls at the moon.

          1. As far as Guns Down is concerned? Wait and see what they put forward as “bolder and broader”.

            Forget the focus on the NRA. They’ve already won the gun rights debate.

            Forget science. With gun violence and crime in general on a steady national decline, focus on what Americans want: some manner of efficient, realistic, enforceable abatement of the threat that is increasing: mass public killings. Americans don’t need science to prove that threat exists and affects us all.

            Americans want something that does not impinge upon guaranteed liberties. Something that can pass judicial scrutiny. Something that speaks directly to what scares the shit out of everybody…the threat that no amount of background checks or blacklisting can change: some freakazoid walking into any gun dealer in this country and walking out with a weapon, or weapons, of mass destruction.

            A nationwide ban on civilian ownership of any semiautomatic firearm with a removable magazine. An end to readily available weapons of mass destruction. Bolder and broader than anything we’ve tried and failed at thus far. As long as it doesn’t have a sunset provision built in, that is.

              1. I think it’s as good as you’re going to get. And it’s not going to be easy…or cheap. The 2nd Amendment isn’t going anywhere.

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