963082-locked-door-stock-photo-door…that he had to hide behind a locked doors as protection against 87,000 pro-Planned Parenthood petitions.

Think he was worried about a paper cut? Or is he worried about this? The ramifications of cutting funding for Planned Parenthood are far greater than a teeny lil’ paper cut, my friend.

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  1. What I really liked about the TeenVogue article is it correctly characterized the “funding” Planned Parenthood gets from the federal government as Medicaid disbursements. The whole article is excellent, but I especially liked that simple, straightforward and accurate explanation.

    What I didn’t like about the WaPo blurb was it perpetuated, if not outright misinformation, an inaccurate public perception of PP as some sort of entitlement program separate from Medicaid and Title IX.

    What I don’t like about either article is that there is no mention of a viable alternative to all of this: universal healthcare. It’s simple, (from a consumer perspective), affordable, (for everybody), secure, (as a system, not so much as protected from the vicissitudes of American politics), and, above all, comprehensive. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what Trump supporters want in a healthcare policy. Too bad Democrats in Congress are as determined as Republicans to ensure all healthcare in this country continues to be rationed based on economic class instead of need.

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