The sad case of Esteban Santiago-Ruiz

49457979-cachedThe gunman at Fort Lauderdale’s airport had psychiatric problems, and the symptoms seem to have started after he was deployed to Iraq.

Some researchers point to a link between combat stress and violence at home. But other research says there isn’t such a direct link between the two.

Santiago-Ruiz killed five people in Florida, and now faces the death penalty.


2 responses to “The sad case of Esteban Santiago-Ruiz

  1. This man asked for psychiatric help. He said he heard voices and there were violent tendencies. We didn’t even have to look for red flags or subtle clues. Still, he didn’t get the help he needed. And he was a Christian. Why aren’t they calling him a Christian terrorist? Conveniently, the GOP is ignoring this situation. If he had been Muslim, they would have used it to their advantage. When will our government actually do something to address these issues, dammit?

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